Conference tips

Attire for conference events
Attire for all conference events is resort casual or tennis attire. Please wear a collared shirt or socially casual attire to the awards ceremony on Aug. 25.

Tax deduction
Education expenses incurred to maintain or improve skills required by a person in his or her employment are generally tax-deductible. Educational expenses include tuition (conference registration and specialty courses), books, local transportation and travel, meals and lodging while away from home when the trip is primarily to obtain education (Treasury Regulation 1.162-5). Consult your tax preparer for details regarding deductions.

Resort check-in
Resort check-in time is after 4 p.m. (EST). Check-out time is noon. For your convenience, we recommend that you carry a change of clothes and/or a swimsuit in your carry-on bag in the event that your room is not ready when you arrive.  

Wear your badge
At registration, you will be given a badge with your name on it. Please wear this badge every day to all events. All name tags are printed with a bar code that will be scanned at specialty courses and other conference functions, plus it makes it easy to spot other members of our group around the resort.

Tickets are valuable
At the conference registration desk, you will receive your registration packet containing a perforated sheet of tickets. There are tickets for food, drinks and free merchandise.  Please safeguard your tickets just as you would cash. 

Room share
USPTA members who would like to find a roommate for their stay at the conference should contact Janice Stollenwerck at the USPTA World Headquarters at 800-USPTA-4U, or