The following speaker guidelines outline what is and is not appropriate conduct when presenting an educational session. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact Fred Viancos at fred.viancos@uspta.org.

Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Deliver the presentation agreed to and outlined in the USPTA World Conference notebook
  • Give adequate notice of cancellation prior to their presentation, if possible
  • Follow the guidelines for submitting and distributing printed materials
  • Refrain from editorializing or making comments that can be interpreted as offensive or insensitive

Speakers MUST:

  • Use the microphone provided at all times.  All sessions are audiotaped
  • Begin and end their presentation at the scheduled times
  • Allow ample time for audience questions, and repeat any questions for the audiotape

Speakers MAY:

  • Accept business cards from attendees at the conclusion of their presentation
  • Suggest that attendees visit a particular booth during the USPTA Tennis Buying Show for further information
  • Include their mailing address, phone/fax numbers, and/or email/website addresses on their handout materials

Speakers MAY NOT:

  • Use offensive language or inappropriate behavior or display/distribute inappropriate or offensive materials
  • Pitch, promote or otherwise sell a product or service
  • Distribute company brochures or promotional materials until the end of the session
  • Solicit business in any way

Speaker agreement:

I. I agree to all terms and guidelines as stated above.

II. In consideration of the mutual benefits contained herein, I release, assign and transfer all my right, title and interest, including copyright, to the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) in my contribution to my lecture(s), seminars, etc. (hereinafter “contribution”) given at the 2013 USPTA World Conference.

III. I give permission to USPTA to tape or otherwise record my contribution on behalf of USPTA and to reprint my contribution in any USPTA or other publication, or to distribute it in any electronic or other

IV. I give permission to USPTA to use my name and/or picture in connection with my appearance at the conference.

V. I retain my rights to the contribution and to use it in whatever way I see fit.

VI. I warrant that my contribution is original with me, or that I have permission from the owner to use that material which is not original. I will also attribute my sources where appropriate.

VII. No other expenses will be incurred by USPTA unless explicitly agreed upon prior to the execution of this agreement.